Dirty rugs are due to direct traffic, which contributes to wear and tear as well as dirt accumulation. It’s essential to hire a professional rug cleaner in Singapore so as to enhance your rug’s life span. Rugs are sources of softness and comfort; therefore, they require thorough cleaning. It’s a wise idea to maintain your rugs for either potential stains or sudden stains. Below are numerous benefits of hiring professional rug cleaning services in Singapore.

1. Eliminate Allergen

Uncleaned rugs tend to attract bacteria, allergen, and dust. The DIY approach is not recommended because you may fail to eliminate all the present contaminants. Mostly, allergens lead to health issues such as asthma and allergies. Many individuals rely on rug vacuuming, thinking that they have removed all the present pollutants. It’s important to hire an expert rug cleaner because they have enough experience in this field.

2. Right Rug Cleaning Equipment

Professional rug cleaners in Singapore have not only the latest cleaning equipment but also quality cleaning products. Different types of rugs require different types of cleaning techniques. In addition, different cleaning solutions are used to clean different types of rugs. The DIY approach isn’t recommended because you may cause more damage to your rugs. Also, the latest cleaning tools and equipment require enough professionalism in this industry.

3. Cost-effective

Hiring rug cleaners specialist helps you save a tremendous amount of money, especially in the long run. An expert rug cleaner will ensure your rug is sparkling clean, thus enhancing its longevity. This is essential because it will reduce the risk of buying another rug in the long run. Recently, rugs are expensive due to the ever-changing technology. Therefore, it’s a great idea to take enough care of your rug.

4. Time Management

A professional rug cleaner will save not only your money but also your fruitful time. In addition, an expert rug cleaner gives you peace of mind. Therefore, this will help you increase production in your area of specialization. DIY approach will waste much of your valuable time because different rugs require different cleaning techniques. Time is a key factor in any given field. Therefore, it’s a wise idea to hire an expert rug cleaner who will work on a certain schedule.

5. Eliminate Odor Smell

An uncleaned rug will cause an unpleasant smell, particularly in the long run. This is due to trapped germs as well as accumulated pollutants. Your rugs are most likely to have an odor smell when you have pets. The DIY approach of rug cleaning is not an efficient way of completely eliminating trapped contaminants. It’s, therefore, a great idea to hire a professional rug cleaner in Singapore.

6. Enhance your Rug’s Longevity

Rug cleaning is a tedious and time-consuming task that needs the attention of an expert. It’s not an easy and simple task to increase the life span of your carpet. A thoroughly cleaned rug will have a long life span compared to an uncleaned rug. Therefore, it’s a wise idea to hire a professional rug cleaner in Singapore. Enhancing your rug’s life span minimizes your cost, especially in the long term. The key reason behind this is that you will not purchase a new rug in the short term because your rug is well maintained.

7. Enough Experience

It’s a great idea to hire an experienced rug cleaning company in Singapore. Rug cleaning isn’t an easy task, as many individuals might think because it requires enough professionalism. An expert rug cleaner will know different rug specifications. For instance, some rugs have a different texture, thickness, design, and qualities. A professional rug cleaner uses the best approach to thoroughly and effectively clean your rug.

8. Excellent Reputation

It’s essential to hire a rug cleaning company with a good reputation. A reputable rug cleaner provides quality services to all clients. The right rug cleaner will work tirelessly to satisfy your preferences and choices. This is important because it reduces the risk of damage, which may cost you a lot. Excellent reputation is accompanied with enough professionalism in a certain field.


A thoroughly cleaned rug has numerous physical and health benefits. The above-mentioned are some benefits of hiring professional rug cleaning services in Singapore.

  1. Firstly we will do a pre-examination of your carpet. It would be ideal if you let us know whether there is something we have to think about the floor coverings, for example, stains or pets and so on.
  2. We will start moving basic furniture. We will also pick up small objects from the floor before proceed to the next step.
  3. Vacuuming will be done before cleaning the carpet, utilizing an upstanding business vacuum more clean. Around 80 % of dry soil is expelled through this procedure.
  4. Then Pre-spray will sprayed into the carpet. This shower is non harmful and biodegrable so it’s safe for families and pets. We utilize a citrus splash which originates from orange strip.
  5. We utilize a Polivac cleaning framework that unsettles the floor covering simply like when you’re washing your dishes. The scouring activity cleans the floor covering.
  6. After that we will use groom brushing. This is the last advance and it improves the presence of the floor covering and makes it dry all the more rapidly.
  7. We then go around the home with you to ensure that you’re happy with our workmanship.

Carpets are one of the most expensive investments in your home or commercial offices so you need to maintain your investment. So as to secure your floor covering venture, ordinary rug care, cover recolor evacuation, a great working vacuum cleaner, and customary rug cleaning are required to expand the life of your rug.

Carpet steam cleaning is another cleaning and it is very effective in cleaning your carpets. We use the latest carpet steam cleaning machinery to ensure that your carpets are cleaned well and you’re happy with our service.

Looking after and regularly vacuuming your carpets can be beneficial in maintaining them. With our high powered vacuums we can pick up a very high percentage of soil particles, dirt, dust and dust mites and bacteria. We then pre spray your carpet with our non toxic, bio-degradable products that are environmentally friendly. Our steam cleaning machines are then utilised to clean your home or commercial offices.

We use the latest steam cleaning methods that give a deep down clean, removing more stains, soil and bacteria including dust mites and allergens. This cleaning method works to remove the dirt that you can’t see and any other nasties that may be hidden in your carpet fibres. We ask that you allow approximately a 2 hour drying time.

We recommend that you clean your carpets approximately every 12 months, earlier if you have high traffic use. We also offer our steam cleaning service for tenants exit cleans and for all commercial carpet cleaning purposes.

Our Process……
1. Prevacuum of carpets – this loosens the soil and removes up to 80% of particles.
2. Prespray of carpets with our non toxic sprays which are safe for families and pets.
3. We then use the latest steam cleaning equipment/ hot water extraction to clean your carpets.