We serve residential clients who need a carpet cleaner at home. We also provide professional carpet cleaning services to commercial clients who need their office floor coverings, lodging rugs or different business rugs cleaned. Whatever your floor covering needs, we can carry out the responsibility and do the job really well.


We are carpet cleaning company. We offer comprehensive & professional carpet cleaning services. This includes all domestic and office carpet cleaning, oriental rug cleaning, upholstery and soft furnishing cleaning.

As specialists in cleaning a wide range of covering, oriental floor coverings and delicate decorations, we endeavor to give a quick, inviting and productive help.

At Singapore Carpet Cleaning, we are proud of the fact that the majority of our business comes from referral and repeat customers. So call or email for a no-obligation estimate and one of our Carpet Cleaning operators will be in contact with you shortly.

* Quick Drying

* No Shrinkage

* Stays Cleaner Longer

* Anti-Bacterial Treatment

* Protection & Warranty


carpet cleaning

We go the extra mile to make your home feel and look fresh and healthy. We offer a Professional, Highest Quality Service at the best possible price. We endeavor to give an expert help that will give you the best result in carpet cleaning. You can trust us. We are very professional team that already in carpet cleaning industry for a long time.

We use safe and pet benevolent biodegradable cleaning arrangements that perfect superior to anything compound cleaning, but at the same time are ok for you, your family and your home.

We strive to turn every single one of our customers into a customer for life and we pride ourselves on providing a high quality service. We are the top notch carpet cleaning service in Singapore. Only using safe and friendly products to make our environment and family live in a better world.

Carpet cleaning is important in protecting your investment and health. You should clean your carpet regularly to ensure a clean healthy environment for you and your family. Whenever your carpets are stained, make sure that you treat the stains quickly as it will make it easier to remove. You should do this before the stains dry or soak into the carpet.


  • Staff in every case exceptionally lovely, would not utilize any other individual, truly adaptable for my working hours
    Jessica Chu
  • We were totally satisfied with all aspects of the service provided. Everything was done in a timely manner and as estimated.
    Gary Ng
  • Not only like new, but restored that new carpet feel. They were thoughtful, polite, and efficient.
    Alex Choo
  • Always does a fantastic job with very reasonable prices. Thank you! I will call again.
    Grace Wong
  • We're very pleased with the job. I can see why everyone says you're the best!
    Annie Wong
  • It was so nice to come home from vacation and see such clean carpet and furniture. Thank you so much!
    Francisca Koh
  • Thank you for the extra effort you put towards our carpet. It has been too long since we had it cleaned by you, and the kids had left many spots that are now gone!!!
    Shirly Tan


  • Vacuum frequently and thoroughly. Most of the wear of carpeting is caused by dirt. Nearly 80 % of problems can be overcome by the regular vacuuming of carpet.
  • Get at stains rapidly, ideally when the spill happens so it doesn’t set. The more drawn out a spot or stain stays in the rug, the harder it is to get out.
  • Utilize clean white towels and smudge the stain to assimilate as a lot of fluid or scrape up as a lot of strong material as you can.


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